Navigating a Non-Toxic Nursery with Nuna

Posted on Apr 21, 2015

So what does a woman do best in her last weeks of pregnancy? She NESTS of course! It is only natural to need something to keep your mind busy while you wait for your little chickie to hatch. In fact sometimes I really do wish I was an egg laying mammal… I mean really, why do we need to give birth to such relatively large babies anyway? I am convinced that the only reason we continue to reproduce as a species is thanks to childbirth amnesia caused by lack of sleep. Ok so I may not be the best nester since the baby’s room is still full of stuff from our basement (currently undergoing a renovation) and all my 0-6 month stuff is still boxed away but I have started thinking about where this little lady is going to sleep.

About a month ago I started searching for a safe, non toxic bassinet or pack and play for when baby arrives and she is in our room. I was feeling optimistic that when they phased out the very outdated California technical bulletin 117  (TB – 117) with an updated version (TB-117-2013) in January 2014 there would be some companies that had removed the flame retardant chemicals from their infant mattresses (long story short, this amendment removed a bunch of baby items from the list of things that are required to meet a particular flammability standard). In my reading I came across a bunch of posts online recommending the Nuna Sena.nuna_sena

It would appear that starting as soon as they could,  starting January 2014 they removed the flame retardant chemicals from their Oeko-Tex certified infant mattress. I was thinking this was too good to be true, there is something cute, competitively priced (not the cheapest but still inline with the big players like Graco) and safe!! I went online, used ebates and found a Nuna Sena Mini in Canada for a good price and ordered it. I was feeling pretty proud and my nest was starting to take shape. Pheww one last thing to worry about.

When it arrived I opened the box and right away I spotted the dreaded TB-117 tag hanging off the mattress, EEEPP!

FullSizeRender (3)

You have got to love the warning about taking care near open flame and burning cigarettes on your child’s mattress. We should probably take care juggling knives and shooting firearms near the baby too right? I mean seriously, are you kidding me? If you can’t tell already, this TB-117 is a bit of a trigger point with me, hehe.

I did know there was a risk that I would get an older model when ordering sight unseen but I thought naively, that was a couple years ago already and Nuna cares about our babies health since they pulled the chemicals as soon as they could, right? Wrong. So I tracked down a sticker on the aluminium frame stating the product manufacture date and it was 2013-09-16 :

Nuna Sena Mini

Uh Oh, now I was pretty sure the model I had purchased still contained flame retardants. Just to confirm my suspicions I contacted the Canadian Nuna customer service email and asked them to verify for me when Nuna removed the flame retardants from their Sena Mini. Their response really surprised me, it turns out you can’t even get a chemical free model in Canada at all!:

Hi there,

The flame retardants were taken out in the year 2014.

There are none with this date of manufacture in Canada and we do not anticipate receiving them either

Thank you


Amanda V CS3044


Email: [email protected]

ISSI – Office: 1-800-667-4111         Fax: (514) 344-3296

As you can imagine I was so0 disappointed!!! It seems pretty crazy to me that they only sell the old chemically treated Nuna Senas. Wow LUCKY US!!!!

The website I ordered from offered free returns so I have already sent this cute little pack and play back where it came from.  I am thinking that by the time the 2014 models make their way up North my kids probably won’t need a pack and play. I am not as eager to support Nuna as a company after this experience but I also haven’t found any other options so I started researching into the possibility of buying one from a US retailer and having it shipped to Canada. I am torn at the moment, I love that they have made changes and seem to be on the cutting edge moving forward but feeling frustrated that Canada isn’t on the same timelines.



  1. Lisa
    November 25, 2015

    Hi! Have there been any updates regarding this issue? I became really interested in the Nuna Sena when I discovered that they’re Oeko-Tex certified, and I found the standard size at Sears for a fairly competitive price of $239. But now I’m concerned that I’ll end up in the same boat as you, with a pre-2014 flame retardant filled version. I’m contacting Sears as well, but I see that someone beat me to it a few months ago and has yet to receive a response. So disappointing!

    • Tania
      November 26, 2015

      Hi Lisa! I have written the Nuna Canada Customer Support email again, I will let you know when I hear back. Thanks for having me follow up, I would love to know if they are starting to get the new stock. So far Marlowe has been sleeping on a Woombie Donut ( when we are away from home but she is on the move these days so that probably won’t work for long!

      • Lisa
        November 28, 2015

        Good news! I just purchased a Nuna Sena from TJs Kids, a Vancouver, BC based store. They have a Sena (full size) floor model so I was able to check for the offending mattress tag, which wasn’t present. They wouldn’t sell the floor model since they had plenty of stock, but there was a date of manufacture sticker on the outside of the box which had a date of 15/02/24, so it looks like their stock matches the floor model in terms of manufacture date. Here’s the website, they are currently selling the mini for $179 CAD down from their regular price of $219:

        I didn’t get a chance to check the mini box for a date of manufacture, but TJs has great customer service, they’ll check for you if you call or email them.

  2. Tania
    November 28, 2015

    Thank you so much for sharing this information and I am excited that you found one!

    I also heard back from Nuna customer support and they said they now have the newer models in Canada but were unable to tell me which stores carry them so it looks like the best bet is to call or email the store where you are planning to purchase it from and find out the manufacture date to be sure. Thanks Again!!!

  3. Nat
    June 24, 2016

    Anyone here who owns the Nuna Sena, can you please let me know in which country it’s made? Thanks!

  4. Maria Breuninger
    August 17, 2016

    The SAME thing happened to us and I’m SOOooooo mad, pissed, etc. I even asked Giggle, the company from which we ordered it, if it was a non-flame-retardant one, and they promised me it was. I feel so hurt that I was lied to and that it’s too late to return it, and I paid so much for something with chemicals in it. So mad. I just noticed it, too. I have twins and I hate that they were sleeping in it for their first few months. I hate that Giggle lied about their products. Check EVERYTHING, parents, grandparents, caregivers!

  5. Art
    September 5, 2016

    Just as a heads up for Maria–since this is a hot button issue for me too!–we own two of these, a mini and a full-sized one. We bought our Mini from Giggle in the summer of 2014 and were concerned about the tag as well, so were in touch directly with Nuna about this. Nuna said at the time that all of the Nuna Sena Minis in gray (which was initially a Giggle exclusive) post-dated the transition, even though some still had the old tags (dropping tags and putting correct tags on is a chronic issue with all mattresses and upholstered furniture in our experience trying to get flame retardant free products after TB117-2013 passed). We were told to go by the date of manufacture to confirm, which for ours was January 2014–Nuna says everything after January 1, 2014 is flame retardant-free. We later ordered a full-sized Nuna Sena from Nordstrom and it was a 2013 DOM, so it went back and Nuna offered to sell a newer one directly to us so that they could confirm the date. It ended up being the Giggle “exclusive” (ha!) gray color. That mattress does not have the TB117 tag (DOM late 2014). So–check your dates of manufacture (on stickers on the frame) and, while I can’t speak to the other colors, I would feel pretty confident if you have a gray Giggle Sena or Sena Mini that you do indeed have the flame-retardant free mattress even if the tag is still on there. The labeling was a mess for the first year–there was later a stipulation added beginning in 2015 to check “yes” or “no” for flame retardants to be crystal clear. Our 2015 sofa has that newer tag.

    • Maria
      September 6, 2016

      I contacted Google and they contacted me and even though I called Google to confirm that it was going to be one that did not have flame retardant in it when I looked at the tag it said it had flame retardant in them and the date of manufacture underneath on the bars and had a (I believe. ..I could double check the photos I took) October of 2013 manufactured date on it so to me this whole business about not getting the correct labels on their mattresses whether or not had a flame retardant in them is an asinine excuse and I don’t believe it. I mean, if they can make sure that their mattresses or entire cribs no longer have flame retardants in them which sounds like a pretty big deal, then how come they can’t change the tag correctly?

      • Maria
        September 6, 2016

        Gighle, not google…I was dictating and didn’t check…

        • Maria
          September 6, 2016

          Geez…Giggle. I have my twins climbing on me


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