Meet Marlowe!

Posted on Jun 3, 2015

IMG_2840Miss Marlowe Elizabeth is here! I have joked about keeping up with the Windsors before but apparently I take myself very seriously because she arrived early in the morning on May the 2nd just like princess Charlotte Elizabeth and they even share a middle name (we announced ours first! haha).

We were lucky enough to experience another home birth and things went very well. It took me almost 8 months of pregnancy to build up the courage to face it without any drugs because I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to handle the pain but once I finally made up my mind I knew it was the right decision for us and I put my mind to it. This was definitely my smoothest labour and delivery and the one where I felt like I had the most control. My midwives had told me the third L&D is really a wild card, while the 2nd is almost always faster the 3rd can be either longer or shorter so luckily for me and Marlowe this one ended up being shorter than my earlier two. I felt like I was able to cope with the pain of labour all the way up until transition. Once I had to push, I had a moment of panic but was able to get myself refocused between contractions and calm down again. I just kept telling myself this was going to be over soon and this is the last time I will ever have to do this. It seemed to work and just 9 minutes later I was holding my sweet little girl. I still can’t believe how easy recovery has been this time. Other than being a bit tired and having some painful postpartum cramping I feel great. I have even started researching getting my Doula certification so that maybe one day I can help guide other women through this amazing challenging adventure.

I am completely in love with little Marlowe and can’t imagine our family without her.  Even in the short time she has been here I can tell she has brought our family more balance. Both boys adore her and are very gentle with her though definitely don’t make any attempt to be quiet around her (or anyone else for that matter so this is no surprise haha). We are all just trying to figure out our new routines and how it all works together.

To follow up on my previous post about sleeping arrangements, after returning the Nuna sena I found a Naturepedic Organic Cotton Bassinet Oval Mattress at a community baby sale and picked up a bassinet with stand from a facebook buy sell group for only $25 (thanks to a heads up from an awesome friend). This solution is cheaper than the Sena and is flame retardant free so I am pretty happy with how it all worked out. She has only just started sleeping in it this week but seems to be doing the trick.

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