Let’s Keep Car Seat Manufacturers Accountable!

Posted on Jul 6, 2014

Car seats are a necessary safety item for our little ones, and a costly one at that. For all that parents pay, you would hope manufacturers would do their best to use the best materials. Yet toxic chemicals, like lead and brominated flame retardants, are persistent in them, along with many other products our families rely on, even though major researchers all over the country find the chemicals to be harmful.

But some scientists are fighting back against the lack of accountability manufacturers show. In a previous post that covered my search Canada’s least toxic car seats I included a link to the HealthyStuff.org’s online database ranking popular products on how hazardous they are.  This is a great tool for checking in to see what sorts of unreported chemicals are in the things that you buy. Here is a shot of me squeezing into a Diono Radian RXT 🙂

Diono RadianRXT least toxic car seat

Last month, HealthyStuff.org announced that they are raising funds for an exciting study this summer. They want to look at the car seats sold by the nation’s most popular brands, and find out if they’ve made changes in their manufacturing processes since HS’s 2011 study.

They only have 11 days left to raise money to accomplish this goal! The Free Baby has made a donation and I hope that some of you out there will show your support for the campaign because these chemicals are not only in our homes, schools and cars, but can even in that refreshing cup of water you may be drinking on one of these hot summer days. This means choices made my manufacturers affect the health of our families and environment. It’s time for toxic-free products to fill our shelves, so that when we do buy a product, it’s really safe.

As my boys grow and move into booster seats I would love to be able to browse through an updated study and actually see what is in a car seat before I buy it.  If you want to join us in supporting this indiegogo campaign you can donate here!!!

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