Giving Jessica Alba’s Honest a Try for Free!

Posted on Nov 18, 2013

feature_defaultI had heard about Jessica Alba’s natural line, Honest, probably about around a year ago.  A couple of weeks ago my sister mentioned that the stuff I preach reminds her of Jessica’s new company, this had me intrigued. It is always nice when someone who really seems to care about health and the environment uses their hollywood clout to try to make a difference. She could just spend all her time showing off that amazing body posing in a bikini but instead she put her money where her mouth was and founded Honest.  The company’s core values seem to mirror many of my own, they want to offer things that are effective, but unquestionably safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, convenient, and affordable.

So recently when I noticed they were offering a free trial I decided I would give it a go.  First off,  I went to their page and signed up for the free trial of the diapers and wipes, a week later I received an email offering me a personalized promo code for 40% a bundle so I thought I would also try the Home Essentials.

I placed an order for:

  1. Fruit and Veggie wash – Gets rid of pesticides, pathogens, wax, dirt and germs
  2. Suds Up Dish Brush & Ceramic Foaming Base – super cute and always after something to make me more motivated to do dishes, Non-Toxic / Latex-Free / BPA-Free / Sustainable Materials
  3. Dishwasher Pods – I always prefer using a something natural on my dishes since if there were ever any residue left behind on glass/plates etc it is going to be ingested!
  4. Healing Balm – All natural, certified organic oils + extracts + beeswax, everyone loves a good balm :)
  5. Kid’s toothpaste – Natural • Vegan • Biodegradable, this is something your kids will swallow

The free trial (minus the cost of $5.95 in shipping) is available for either their diapers and wipes bundle, the Home Essentials or a health and wellness bundle. Sign up HERE!  You will just need to remember to cancel your subscription after your trial arrives if you are not interested in continuing with it much like the free Julep subscription.

Can’t wait to follow up and share some pictures and my ‘honest’ take on the products once I get my order.
Time to add something else to my christmas list….

The Honest Life by Jessica Alba

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