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Posted on Jun 10, 2014

Once you have children grocery shopping becomes a whole new adventure.  I am now at a point where saving myself a couple trips to the store is totally worth paying a small premium on groceries.  When I order with I often find that I am not even spending more than I usually would since many items are the same price as in a store and they have weekly specials.  The delivery itself is free with a minimum $35 order and they have a rewards program so you can earn points towards free groceries. Not only do they carry lots of great local produce but Spud also has my favourite local bread (Prairie Mill) and goat’s milk (Fairwinds farm) which can only be found at specialty grocery stores.  I have a weekly standing order set up so that I am always at the 35$ minimum incase I forget to go in and update my order.

I have been using off and on for the past 7 years and have really enjoyed the service.  There were times when we didn’t need it and we were able to suspend the delivery for over a year at a time.  Then as soon as we were ready for it again I just logged in and started delivery again, it was so easy!  The kids love when the delivery arrives, they get so excited going through our bin seeing all the new food. I have even experienced my eldest yelling “YAY KALE!!” (not even kidding, he is a special child).

Spud’s customer service has always been really excellent. If you are missing anything or are unhappy with the quality of something you just fill in their online refund form. I have always been refunded immediately with no questions asked.  One time we decided to make a last minute trip out of town on the day our order was set to come and I called that morning and they happily cancelled my order without penalty (normally they want you to finalize your order by 3pm the day before it is set to arrive).

For the month of June they are offering a promotion to new customers for $40 off an order of 75$ or more (July 1st update: the promo code is now worth $20, still free groceries!!).  This is a great way to try the service out and if it doesn’t work for you then nothing lost, you can just suspend or cancel your subscription.  So if you want to give it a go here are the steps:

1. Go to and  “Sign Up”

2. Enter your information and add referral code CRCAL-TUETAN to the field marked “Referral Code”

3. This referral code entitles you to $40 off your first order.

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