Do you have room for a party of 5?

Posted on Jan 26, 2015

Big News in The Free Baby House!!!! We are so excited to announce that we are expecting another baby! The official due date is May 4 2015 which means we could end up with a Star Wars baby (May the fourth be with you) or maybe even a Cinco de Mayo baby!?


The second part of this exciting news is that it’s a GIRL!  We never found out the gender with our first two but since my husband had always wanted to find out I figured we would give it a try. We had a small family get together for my birthday and one of my super talented friends offered to bake us a beautiful gender reveal cake. I really enjoyed waiting until birth to find out the gender but I would also say that it was a lot of fun to be surrounded by all the excitement and love to find out like this.  So glad that I have been able to have both of these wonderful experiences!! You can’t really go wrong 🙂 Here is a picture of that wonderful cake:


pink gender reveal cake


The decision to try for a third child came after lots of thought, deep conversations and maybe even a few google searches (ok fine more like lots of google searches). I didn’t find my answer in the online searching but I did find some funny blog posts out there explaining the pros and cons of having three children. I am glad there are a lot of honest people out there.  I would say the predominant opinion of the internet is to stick to two kids, oops. While I grew up in a family of three and had always thought that’s what I wanted for my own family, as soon as I had my first I really started to doubt these original plans. The transition into parenthood was much harder than I had anticipated (even though lots of people warned me, it was just one of those you things I needed to experience for myself). No one could have prepared us for the lack of sleep and the amount of crying that was about to come our way. Let’s just say we are on year four of having our new years resolution to help our family get better sleep!

One of the many things I had overlooked while envisioning my perfect hypothetical family of five was what it would be like being pregnant when you have other children to look after. Dealing with morning sickness while caring for children is very hard. Most children aged four and under don’t generally have a lot of empathy or patience for anyone, least of all a sick mommy! I also remember feeling really tired in my first pregnancy, which of course I was but let’s just say I keep discovering new deeper levels of being tired and sadly it appears there are many.  We are rarely getting more than four hour chunks of sleep at night and then we are often up for the day around six with at least one of the boys, sometimes earlier. All that being said this time I have a better idea of what I am in for and I know all this is worth it. So let’s start talking about the good stuff. Now that this baby is well on its way, decisions need to start being made!

I have started to think about all the things that will need to get done and with these tasks will hopefully come some exciting blog posts.  One thing that comes to mind is that we will have to figure out how we will set up the boys room for sharing.  We currently have a three bedroom home and have no plans to move.  We would like to develop the basement and add a bedroom there but I don’t think any of the kids will be ready to sleep down there for a while yet. We decided to start gutting it before Christmas but we haven’t gotten much further than the demo stage yet.

Next up… The hunt for a non-toxic and safe car seat is back on! Our original infant car seat that we used for the other two boys has expired so we are in the market for a new one. We also may have to get a different toddler seat that will allow us to fit three across the back in our car. The campaign we supported in the summer to help fund car seat testing should be publishing the results of their tests any time now so I should be able to start price stalking the least toxic seat and help you get the best deal along with me!

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  1. Amber
    January 26, 2015

    We are thrilled beyond words for you and your new baby and cannot wait to meet her!!


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