Hello and thanks for checking out my blog! My main goal is to help share the tips and tricks I have discovered on how you can actually raise your baby for free! I think that if you follow my guiding principles, incorporate some of my ideas and combine them with your own, you could end up spending far less than the average parent and still manage to avail yourself of enough modern day conveniences.  We are living in a world where we are constantly bombarded with messages and advertisements, both blatant and subliminal, about what it is that we need to raise a happy healthy baby.  Many of these come with unnecessarily high pricetags.

With this blog I hope to simplify new parents’ lives by distilling the overwhelming array of items on offer and tell you how you can get them for next to nothing.

About Tania Tuer

Tania Tuer Free Baby

I am the mother to 2 wonderful, energetic boys and a very special baby girl. My husband and I just celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary and 14 years of being together.  Becoming a mom and wife has been an amazing, enlightening, frustrating, exhausting, joyous experience.

I grew up in inner city Calgary Alberta Canada where I still reside today.  Calgary has always been my home but I have spent lots of time in other countries experiencing other cultures.  My parents provided me with plenty of guidance over the years which I believe helped me get to where I am today.  I learned all about the relationship between our health and the environment from my mother who as a mostly stay at home mom through my childhood was trying to find a source to the puzzling presence of her kids’ allergies.  This led her to write the Canadian Bestseller in 1989 “Good Planets are Hard to Find”.  Just as influential was my father, a lawyer who somehow managed to pass on his no-nonsense, pragmatic, approach to business and appreciation for the power and value of a dollar. Throw in two grandmothers who survived the depression with small nest eggs intact and voila, ‘conservation’ seems to just come naturally! Starting with lemonade stands, paper routes and dog walking, I graduated to selling backstreet boys concert pictures online.  Through these formative ventures I started saving and was able to purchase my first home at age 19 and have been a landlord/owner ever since.  While attending university I worked and ran a small website design business called KillerDesign employing some fellow students. I can’t think of a time since I was 12 that I didn’t have several different revenue streams. My formal education consists of a BSc in Computer Science and for the past 6 years I have been working in information management. I also just completed a DONA training course to become a certified Doula.  These days I like learning about and sharing ideas on parenting, protecting the environment, home renovation and personal finance.
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