Free Family Fun!

Posted on Feb 19, 2012

Since tomorrow is Family day here in Canada I thought I would post about some of our Favorite Free Family Fun (winter edition).

You may have noticed that when it comes to literary terms I am a real sucker for alliteration.  I think it might have something to do with my name being Tania Tuer.  Then when I had to come up with a name for my son I ended up choosing Warner William.  I can guarantee you that my decision drew no inspiration from the Kardashian Klan but apparently Kris Jenner and I have more in common than I thought.  So what does The Free Baby Family like to do for fun? Let me tell you…

Take a Family Walk

This one is a no brainer, fresh air, light exercise, getting to know your neighbors and neighborhood and of course it is FREE fun. It is such a simple idea but I don’t think people do it enough (including us).  I am sure it probably has something to do with our harsh cold winters here in Calgary, but I must say that some of my favorite walks have been in the snow.

Unfortunately our dog passed away right before our son was born, but before that we were out walking at least once a day and sometimes even more.  Walking serves many purposes for our family,  I find it is a great time to connect with your partner and learn how your children interact with the world. It gives us some time away from the tv, phones, computers and traffic.  Usually this is when we talk about what is going on in our lives, our goals and even plans for the future. It is something we really missed after losing our dog, so having our son has inspired us to get back outside more often.  Calgary has some great parks, trails and playgrounds that are definitely worth checking out.

Indoor Play Centres

There are plenty of FREE indoor play centres in Calgary.  Usually they are located in shopping centers, restaurants or markets.  Last weekend we were at the Calgary Farmers’ Market getting some of our favorite groceries when I noticed a play area in the corner of the food court.  I ended up bringing Warner in there, while my husband grabbed some groceries, and he absolutely LOVED it!  There is also one at Market Mall that I plan to try soon.  Ask around and take a look online to find some near you, they make a great spot to meet and catch up with friends (while the kids play) and they are a warm place to go when the weather outside is rainy or cold.


My son absolutely adores dancing and music.  All you have to do is say either of those words and he is rocking out.  When the weather is crappy this is one of our favorite indoor activities.  The house we are living in for the moment has a mirrored wall which really helps us perfect our moves 😉  We just pump the radio or one of his favourite CD’s (MJ right now) and get down.

Pet Stores

Don’t feeling like spending a fortune going to the zoo when your baby can only really handle 45 minutes of animal excitement?  Hit up one of your local pet stores.  Kids love to see the fish, hamsters, birds and if you’re lucky puppies and kittens too.

Library Visit

There are lots of books, magazines, music and some library’s even offer FREE programs to card holders that include fun baby activities like story times.

Here were just some of the winter things my family likes to do, please share some of your favorite activities with us since we are always looking for more!

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