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Posted on Nov 26, 2013

Last week I told you I had ordered a free trial of the Honest Diaper & Wipes bundle .  First off, I have to say that Honest has very fast shipping, the products arrived in just 3 days!  Considering they ship from the United States I consider this very fast. I had ordered two things, the Home Essentials Bundle and a free trial of the Diapers and Wipes.  I will follow-up with a post on the Home Essentials once I have used them all but so far so good!

Let’s take a look at what was delivered as part of the Honest Free Trial:
The trial consisted of 7 size 3 diapers (you can pick whichever size your child needs) and a small package of 10 baby wipes.

Honest Diaper Trial

The packaging was all very nice and pretty, I really liked the look of the diapers.   So far I have used these diapers at night and a couple of times in the day with no leaks ( most of the time I use cloth but I prefer to use disposable diapers overnight and then when I am out and about since they are smaller/lighter and easier to carry around).   I like that they  have no chemical smell and the prints are really cute. They don’t swell up as much as Huggies but still seem to cut it for absorbency.   This is a plus unless of course you are into the “I need to be changed now” diaper bulge look.  I would also say that they perform just as well as the other ‘green’ brands I have tried (Naty,  Seventh Generation, Huggies pure and natural) but the honest diapers really are much cuter.  Like the brands I just mentioned, these diapers still use the petroleum-based chemical SAP but not as much as a regular disposable diaper.  According to the the Honest facebook page their diapers are currently 85% plant-based and they are working towards a 100% plant-based diaper (and hope to get there very soon!).  I haven’t seen any SAP balls left behind when changing, so they do seem to have less since I normally spot a few with other diapers.

I really liked the wipes, they are fragrance free and the ingredient list looks very innocuous as I would expect from this company.   I did a bit of online digging and according to this site ( they are the safest wipes on the market.  Apparently there is some pretty scary stuff out there in most other wipes!  I try to use cloth wipes with water at home but disposable wipes are much more convenient when you are out and about.  I had been using the Kirkland wipes but after this latest information I am done with them.  If you aren’t worried about the ingredients but just how they feel, I can report that they are very thick and quite soft.  Lastly I like that they are plant based and biodegradable.

While these diaper aren’t the best deal around they aren’t out of line in pricing with other eco brands, plus they come delivered right to your door.

Here are the prints they sent to me:

Honest Diaper Prints
Here is an Honest size 3 diaper next to a Huggies Snug and Dry in size 3 for comparison, the Honest Diaper is taller:

Honest diaper compared to Huggies diaper

If you also ordered the trial and you don’t want to continue you should call to cancel once it arrives, the fine print said you have 7 days.  For now I am going to stay enrolled in the diaper bundle subscription but I have just changed my delivery date to the end of January.  Although it says “monthly” subscription you can adjust the deliveries to whenever you want.  I have enough diapers at the moment to last me into next year but think I will probably give them a real try in early 2014.  Maybe by then they will even be 100% plant based!

Overall I would give these diapers a rating of 7/10 – please keep in mind that although a 7 isn’t that high I don’t think very highly of any disposable diapers and I would say these are my favorite disposable diapers to date which is why I have stayed enrolled for now.


UPDATE:  Use promo code INVITED10 on your first order and save $10

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  1. Kirsten
    December 19, 2013

    Great review, I agree those prints are super cute!


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